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I Fucking Love Cursing

I do.  I think most people enjoy it to some degree otherwise these words wouldn’t be associated with our most passionate, exciting, or excruciating moments.  But I like tossing out swear words a lot more than most. Why?

1. It’s fun.

2. It’s funny.

3. It shouldn’t matter.

First, curse words roll beautifully off the tongue.  It feels good to say them.  Try any of these staples and see for yourself: “Holy shit,” “That fucking guy,” or even “This bitch.” Swear words are short and heavy which makes them perfect to throw around.

Second, cursing is funny.  Their referents are almost entirely crude subject matter which makes them socially inappropriate in many contexts..  That’s precisely why it’s funny.  It’s far more entertaining to say “I have so much shit to do” than “I have a lot of unpleasant tasks today.”  In the first situation, “shit” is a better descriptor AND allows the speaker to bring poop into the conversation.  Awesome.  Furthermore, the endless combinations of curse words are both creatively stimulating and a wellspring of laughs.  Case in point: Paul.

Third, and perhaps most salient, it shouldn’t fucking matter if people curse. Words are nothing but highly refined, complex grunts used to communicate meaning.  They’re not magic.  Allowing them special privileges places them on a pedestal and restrains your autonomy.  It’s superstition and it’s pretty fucking dumb.  Also, giving words such gravitas makes them powerful in a way that causes true harm. Just look at racial slurs.  Taking a step back from that weighty topic, let’s examine the word “Cunt” (capitalized as a formal concept)  In the UK, Cunt is casual.  People use it all the time, even as a verb (i.e. “this cunting weather”).  For some insane reason, we stateside puritans have given Cunt special privileges and people are genuinely offended to hear it.   By saying “this word is so awful, never use it” you only feed the word’s power to hurt.  A person shouldn’t be any more insulted to be called a cunt than to be called a bitch, yet society has ensured the word cunt can continue to cause more harm by restricting it.

But “Waaah kids shouldn’t use them!” why not? Banning behavior only makes it more alluring to adolescents.  If you don’t think kids should curse just tell them they’re allowed to but that it makes them look stupid (even so, this strategy probably won’t work because cool people in the media curse, so fuck it).

So to close, I’ll reiterate that cursing is fun, funny and harmless and if you don’t think so, you should stop being such a pussy.  Yes I am a huge fan of Louis C.K.