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Number 40 (or 40 Lessons In 40 Posts)

In celebration of my 40th disjointed post, here’s a disjointed list of 40 things I’ve learned since starting this blog (the author recommends enjoying while drinking a 40):

40- I’m going to die sooner or later so I need to hurry up and do all the awesome stuff I’ve ever wanted to do. 

39- Being physically fit will make you happier, and the inverse is just as true.   Luckily, exercise is an antidepressant that will fix part of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

38- Quinoa is as delicious as it is difficult to pronounce: Very.

37- Humankind is inherently good.  At least based on how everyone rushes to make way for ambulances.

36- Humankind is inherently evil.  I forgot it’s against the law to obstruct emergency vehicles, so people have to move whether they want to or not.

35- Humankind is hard to figure out.  Fuck it.

34- Making memories is widely underrated. Did making two costumes and driving 8 hours to a music fest for Halloween weekend substantially complicate my life and require a great deal of time, energy, and money to execute? Yes. Was it fun as fuck? Definitely. Studies have shown that the happiest people are those who purchase experiences instead of things, so go do stuff.

33- Those Sally Hansen stick-on nail polish strips are awesome.  They should invent a way to create custom designs. Maybe sell blank sheets of polish that people can decorate and peel off..? I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here but someone should get on this.

32- I’ll miss being forced to read books I wouldn’t normally encounter. Por ejemplo, Joseph Conrad is a pain in the ass to read but brilliant when it comes to using language and exploring existential crises and moral dilemmas.

31-  Cities are beautiful, dazzlingly complex embodiments of the best and worst of man’s accomplishments. And living in them is fun.

30- Find people you can be yourself around.  It makes everything easier.

29- Weird kids turn into awesome adults. They also have hilarious weird kid anecdotes.

28- You can gain a lot from spending time with people different than you. Like, for realz.

27- Skydiving is awesome. Do it.

26-Institutions of higher education just want your money, but you can still have a valuable learning experience if you take advantage of the opportunity.

25- Almost everyone is lonely.  Some are better at hiding it than others, and some don’t think about it because they’ve filled their time with enough people and things to distract, but everyone wants to feel connected.

24- My joints are feeble as shit, and dealing with athletic injuries is really annoying so use good form, y’all.

23- Throwing ice cream is fun. Fact.

22- Everyone deludes themselves from reality in some capacity. Whether it’s justifying past decisions, rationalizing present circumstances, only seeing what you want to see in others, self-medicating, or self-theologizing, most people prefer their own version of things to the truth.

21- Consistently generating content is hard. 

20- I need to find a reasonable income if I’m ever going to afford that great white shark cage diving trip.

19- It is important to know when to hold and/or fold ’em.  A few little risks here and there in the name of fun is one thing, but actual danger is not worth the consequences. Shark dives don’t count, they’re mostly safe, although honestly if I’m going to die I wouldn’t mind getting eaten by a shark.

18-Lachrymose is a good word.  It means tear-inducing/weepy, FYI.

17-If everyone is cool, no one is cool.  Being hip is a mass produced cultural trend, so basically everyone is average. Which is redundant.

16- There are artificial estrogen-mimicking chemicals in air fresheners.  [source] Probably to keep women in constant nesting mode buying products like more air fresheners…

15-Routines are incredibly efficient. Not having a routine is the opposite of that.

14- Nobody’s business is anybody’s business. 

13- Our generation didn’t create the fucked up world we’re inheriting, but it’s still our responsibility to make it better.

12- If hell exists, it’s probably run by towing companies.

11- Dancing is undervalued. 

10- A lot of people seem okay floating from one societal threshold to the next without worrying about why they’re doing what they’re doing.  You can get a lot out of self-reflection and evaluating your motivations.

9- Balance is the key to just about everything.  Yin and Yang had that shit down.

8- Thinking up 40 things I’ve learned recently is harder than I expected. And most of this shit sounds like clichés. But clichés are clichés for a reason so…

7- Water your friendship plants regularly.  Some are delicate violets and others are durable cacti, but it’s important to take care of them.

6- Putting creative work on display is an embarrassing but necessary evil.  I hate rereading old posts but fear of embarrassment is a too common roadblock to creation. Everybody sucks at first, you just have to keep going.

5- The War of Art is an incredibly useful book. Everyone, especially creative types, should read it.

4- Laughing is the best. More, please.

3- We naturally gravitate toward the things and people we need in order to grow. Just like plants!

2-Better to look like an idiot trying something new than to never try anything.

1- Settling is for suckers. Don’t do it!


Why Austin Is One Of the Greatest Cities On The Face of The Mother Fucking Earth

This post is entirely redundant for anyone who lives or has been to the city of Austin.  I would like to take this opportunity to explain to those who have never been or have negative preconceptions about this here town, the capital of the Lone Star State.

Part 1: Texas

Texas has a bad reputation.  In fact, the only people who seem to appreciate Texas are Texans or fans of cowboy movies. But there’s a lot more to Texas than just George W. B.

First, Texas boasts (as it tends to do) one of the most consistently strong economies in the Union.  Why? An emphasis on hard work and free market economics might have something to do with it.  Our natural resources might have something to do with it, too.  Regardless, people in Texas have jobs (for the most part) and we get shit done.

Texas is also in a weird transitional area between the deep south and “the west.”  As a result, there is the best of both worlds.  We have the southern hospitality that makes notherners gasp upon return from vacation “Everyone is so NICE!” yet not nearly as much racism or shitty accents as Alabama or Mississippi.  We also favor the more liberal tendencies accepted in the west. [the Texan favoritism toward Libertarianism should be an indication…]

Fact is, Texas has some of the largest, most modern cities in the country.  Yes, there are a plenty of shitty backward towns in the middle of nowhere but really? Dallas? Austin? Houston? 4 of the top 15 biggest cities in the country are from Texas.  We’re ready for the future. Bring it.

Part 2: Hippies

Ok, Let’s be honest: hippies are disliked in a lot of circles, almost as much as Texans. Whether my conservative relatives want to admit it or not, hippies are super nice ass people.  They are sweethearts and that is undeniable.

Austin is full of hippies. Result? Austin is full of super nice people. Come here and experience it.  Cut someone off in traffic? Instead of someone honking their horn and threatening to murder you, chances are you get an apologetic wave. You just need to walk around here for a few hours and experience those miniscule moments to realize “Hm… everyone is nicer here. WHO KNEW?” I knew.

Aside from being nice, what good are hippies? Non hippies can be nice… But you know what? Hippies are good at preserving the environment.  As a result, Austin is one of the greenest, most environmentally conscious cities in the country.  Bikes, parks, farmers markets, and so much more.  With a river running right through downtown and dozens of parks scattered throughout, Austin has managed to be technologically advanced while remaining environmentally conscious (and beautiful).

Part 3: Food

There’s a reason Texans are known for being fatties.  There is so much good food here, and Austin combines the delicious traditions of barbecue and Tex-Mex with organic/free range/etc.  Magnolia Café, Salt Lick, Shady Grove, Stubb’s…. not to mention the delicious local/Texas chains.  Come to Austin and eat yourself to sleep, you will not regret it.

Part 4: Artists

Austin is full of artists. Musicians, film, studio artists, writers, designers… you name it, we got it.

Part 5: Shit To Do

You cannot be bored in this town.  There is almost too much to do. From festivals, themed karaoke, bars, improv, outdoor activities, dog parks, athletics, exhibits, performances, gatherings… There is always something going on down.

Part 6: Diversity

There are all kinds of people in Austin.  Like all big cities, there is a melting pot of cultures and ideas.


FINALLY AND PERHAPS MOST IMPORTANTLY.  Austin is the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world.  It’s a bold claim, yes, but it will not disappoint.  One can’t walk more than 15 feet on Red River without hearing a kick drum.  Besides the fact there are multiple live shows per night, often free or under $5,  Austin has fantastic festivals.  ACL Fest is one of the biggest tent-pole fests in the country (Outdone only by SoCal’s Coachella, Chicago’s Lollapalooza, and TN’s “We really wish we were at Woodstock instead” Bonnaroo.)

Other than ACL’s ten year old, 3-day fest, South By South West (SXSW or “South By” as the cool kids call it) is one of the most important industry weeks in the country.  If you’re in the music or film industries, you’re bound to have an eventful week.  If you’re not, there’s still the option of RSVP’ing to one of the dozens of free entry/free booze parties across the city.

In sum, there’s a reason Austin is an obligatory stop on cross-national tours.  It’s one of the best places for music, food, and people.  For those of you from/in the area: Congrats and enjoy it.  For those of you who have never been: make a stop here. It’s cheap and I guarantee a good time.